14 November 2012

what is this awesome gibberish?
i give it a 10 since you can dance to it too!
adriano celentano

it's been so long since i posted something 
i forgot how

via mondo blogo -  thanks for getting me out of my rut!!
more info here from NPR

16 July 2012

elizabeth taylor 
on the set of 
suddenly last summer 1959

did she always take naps on set looking like that?
this could not have been a stolen moment
her body is too aware of the camera 

one  thing is for sure
she was the real deal

14 July 2012

this video is frozen the first 20 seconds but worth it

jason charles beck
"chilly gonzales - musical genius"

 also a producer for feist on the reminder & let it die albums
anyone responsible for a good bee gees cover
is ok with me

Inside & out by Feist on Grooveshark
feist  inside & out

if only he would stop referring to himself as a musical genius
(even though its true)

01 June 2012

Uncertain smile by The The on Grooveshark

i must be nostalgic for a daydream 
i will never get enough of this song

and one day the kids will be eternally grateful for all those piano lessons