21 May 2011

should i get chickens or mini-strandbeests?
theo jansen
inspirational mad genius / modern day davinci

theo jansen has created an amazing new species of animal whose mechanics consist of a bundle of plastic tubes and the wind.  these kinetic sculptures, confounding but utterly beautiful, are to ultimately live in herds on the beach and eventually reproduce independently of the human race.  (hmmm...)  
well... guess what?  they are reproducing.  Sure it might be at the hands of humans but apparently we can't help ourselves.  we are so "charmed and seduced" by these strandbeests that we are forced to play god. now this species has "multiplied like rabbits" evolving from one generation to the next. 

i fully admit that these creatures charmed me into watching over an hour of jansens awe-inspiring work. 
i can now raise my very own herd of baby strandbeest right in my backyard. 
there are (at least) two ways to acquire the little tykes. 

1. the amazing japanese science kit magazine GAKKEN. vol # 30
comes with a mini-beast wind powered kit (only 1.5 hours of elbow grease - we'll see about that)
try an ebay or ecrater search. 

2. Shapeways.  Animaris Geneticus Parvus - 3D printed Strandbeest   - no assembly required.
these beests are from Jansen's own shop.  (these 3D printing machines are phenomenal) 

speedy little beests. 

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