03 June 2011

pigs teeth. plastic berries. wastepaper. orange peel. rubber snakes. nylon blossoms. branches. rubber banana leaves. snakes. wild bore quills. seaweed. silk buds. cat's tails. harvested from around the earth.  

"Gardeners help in the search for various roots, lianas and branches in the luscious forests. Three primary and secondary school classes make flowers out of plastic bottles and illustrated magazines. At a senior citizens' club members fold dice-shaped paper flowers, and a group involved in pressing flower petals gives us a present of birds. In the Kenrokuen Garden all the leaves are carefully swept up from the ground every day so that the moss can thrive. Art students then gild these leaves. The artificial plants are from the 100-yen shop and souvenirs from “Giardino calante” in Venice. We gather abandoned telephone and computer cable from three different rubbish heaps. On the beach we find pieces of polystyrene, bits of nets, string and rope, plastic of all kinds. These are discarded thoughts that are repeatedly washed ashore." 

such a beautiful mess. 

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