22 August 2011

                                                                                                                                                         photo by you should be out on meadow

kale. coconut water. basil. carrot. mango. berries. dates. avocado. a whole lot of love.

green goodness
my sweet sweet better half greeted me with this lovely creation this morning
 is he trying to prolong my life?
he must love me
(and yes i am aware there is sugar in the smoothie from the fruit but come on!) 

kid approval? it's GREEN!  
but there was a bit leftover so i added a wee bit of honey and made popsicles
i think they will eat almost anything sweet & frozen on a stick

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  1. Being on a cleanse, this is totally up my alley! We have all the ingredients, so you have just made my morning :) Green popsicles for the kids? You are brilliant!

    Thank you for linking up to Post Of The Month Club :) XOL