10 August 2011

sea sparkles. sea fires. sea ghosts

bioluminescence = living light
the naturally occuring production and emission of light by a living organism

"Noctiluca scintillans are a species of dinoflagellate that feed on algae, plankton and bacteria. In December 2008, a high concentration of blue-green algae called Synechococcus caused a higher-than-usual population of Noctiluca scintillans in the Australian Gippsland Lakes. When the photographer embarked on his annual journey to the lakes, he discovered a blue luminescence in the water unlike anything he had ever seen before.  Scintillans uses its bio-luminescence like a sort of defense mechanism, lighting up when a possible predator is coming near. This is a very clever defense system because the ghostly blue glow attracts even larger predators to eat the first predator, keeping the Noctiluca scintillans safe to glow another day.

 via niceartlife

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