29 November 2011

                    photos © you should be out on a meadow

"it has conquered time, and is a symbol of beauty, wisdom, love and longevity for humanity"
                                                                                 george becker

the tree of hope
ginkgo biloba
one of the oldest tree species in existence with no known relatives
the leaf shape and golden hue are endlessly inspiring  

it looks like such a delicate tree but is actually quite hardy and mythic
 ginkgos were one of the few living things to survive the 1945 hiroshima atom bomb explosion
as well as the chernobyl nuclear meltdown

ginkgos also adapt well to the urban environment, tolerating pollution and confined spaces
they rarely suffer from disease and infestations

"Gingko trees have been heard to make strange sounds or indicate when an event of national importance is about to take place.  When Korea's King Kojong passed away, a large number of branches wilted as if a knife had cut them down.  The tree is also said to have made strange sounds for two months when Korea was liberated from Japan."  from the wip

i unfortunately never seem to appreciate these lovely trees 
until they have reached their golden hue
but with this new found knowledge 
i will now tip my hat 
with the utmost respect whether green or gold  


  1. I love gingkos, almost as much for their fall foliage as for the fact that they only start fruiting once mature... So you might have a ten year old tree before you find out it is a female that will drop fruit smelling of dog poop annually :) Found you through Happy Homemaker UK PotMC, thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  2. Stunning. Love the photos, simplicity, words, etc.

    Joining from POTM club.

  3. I'm visiting from HH UK. What a great post. I have never seen a ginko plant, and didn't know their leaves turned gold. How beautiful. And all the information is so interesting! I would really love to see one now!

  4. I love the gingko - their leaves are such an unusual shape. We planted one in the US and it died. I guess it would have had more luck in an atomic blast than in our garden!!! Love your photos and facts :) Have a great weekend, Miss J. XOL

  5. Lovely pics and very informative too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x